Got 9 Paid STEAM Games Free Through SEGA's Make War Not Love Event (Vlog)

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Got 9 Paid STEAM Games Free Through SEGA's Make War Not Love Event (Vlog)

Post  kabalyero on Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:02 am

I got 9 paid STEAM games for free through SEGA's Make War Not Love Event. How awesome is that? Examples of games I got were Jet Set Radio (http://bit.ly/1VI6eQm) and Hell Yeah! (http://bit.ly/1XPh8VZ).

9 paid STEAM games and I got them by simply following the event. Yes, I did subscribe to SEGA's Newsletter but only because that was how they sent the STEAM keys for Prize 2 and Prize 3 of the Make War Not Love Event.

Honestly, I didn't purchase a single thing from SEGA. They didn't get any money from me but I still got 9 paid STEAM games for free from SEGA and that is freaking awesome.


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