Blocked From Playing Asta Online ★ Webzen's Latest MMORPG (Vlog)

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Blocked From Playing Asta Online ★ Webzen's Latest MMORPG (Vlog)

Post  kabalyero on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:56 pm

Asta is Webzen's latest MMORPG and, after spending more than four hours downloading Asta, I finally got to install it but, when I tried to login to the game, I got this message and I quote, "Portal Access Is Disabled Countries".

Webzen's Asta Online is blocking countries not in their service area. If your country is blocked from accessing Asta Online but you still want to play the game then try using one of the VPN's below:

bit.ly hsselite → Hotspot Shield
bit.ly getvypr → VyprVPN

I'm going to post an update video after testing the above VPNs with Webzen's Asta Online.


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