Tree Of Savior Gameplay #3 ★ Vubbe Fighter, Popolions, Chupacabras And A Whole Lot More

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Tree Of Savior Gameplay #3 ★ Vubbe Fighter, Popolions, Chupacabras And A Whole Lot More

Post  kabalyero on Thu May 12, 2016 9:47 pm

Welcome to my Tree Of Savior Gameplay #3 and, in this Tree Of Savior gameplay / let's play video, I talked to Knight Commander Uska, met with Knight Aras, fought and defeated a Vubbe Fighter, discovered new monsters like the Popolion, Chupacrabras, Weavers and Pokubus and ended the adventure by travelling to the Miner's Village.

☛ What Is Tree Of Savior?

Tree of Savior is a free-to-play Anime-Style Fantasy MMORPG in which you embark on a journey to search for the goddesses in the world of chaos. Fairy-tale like colors accompanied with beautiful graphics in TOS will have you reminiscing about precious moments all throughout the game. (Play Tree of Savior Here → http://store.steampowered.com/app/372...)

Tree of Savior, like most MMO games, is very prone to lag and other internet connection issues. To help you reduce your lag in Tree of Savior and have a better gaming experience, try using WTFast. It's not free but it has a 14 days free trial. (Get WTFast Free Trial Here → bit.ly getwtfast)

☛ About Kabalyero Plays [???]

Kabalyero Plays [???] is Kabalyero's Channel where he uploads his latest gameplay or let's play videos of the games he currently plays. (Donate To Kabalyero → bit.ly tip4kab)

As a YouTube Channel, Kabalyero Plays [???] is also a YouTube Partner under the Freedom! Network. If you have a YouTube channel and you want to become a YouTube Partner then join Freedom! Network (click here → bit.ly 1dLywTj)

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