YouTube Subscriber Shoutout ★ Flyerbek ★ Curse Network Partner

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YouTube Subscriber Shoutout ★ Flyerbek ★ Curse Network Partner

Post  kabalyero on Fri May 27, 2016 7:09 am

This YouTube Subscriber Shoutout is for Flyerbek. He has a big YouTube Channel with over 20,000 subscribers and a lot of awesome League Of Legends gameplay videos. (Check out and subscriber to Flyerbek at https://www.youtube.com/user/BestK4ta...)

As a YouTube Channel, I think Flyerbek is partnered with Curse Network or Union For Gamers. If you also have a YouTube Gaming Channel with at least over 1,000 subscribers then I suggest you partner with Curse Network.

Curse Network offers a very high starting Revenue Share of 90% which means you'll get more money from your YouTube Gaming Videos than with other YouTube Networks.

Of course, having a high revenue share is not the only feature Curse Network offers and you can learn more about those offers and features from Curse Network's official website (http://bit.ly/joincursenet).


The Kabalyero Show is where Kabalyero shares what's happening in the games he plays, the games he is interested in and other things that he finds interesting that are mostly related to gaming or games (Support The Kabalyero Show, Get Your Awesome Shirt Here ➤ bit.ly kabshirts).

As a YouTube Channel, The Kabalyero Show is a YouTube Partner under Curse Network. If you have a YouTube Gaming Channel and you want to become a YouTube Partner then try joining Curse Network.

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